Arad – Romania

Arad is the capital city of the Arad County of the NW Romanian Region of Crişana. Its territory is mainly in Crişana but also partly spills into the northern region of its southern bordered region of Banat. Arad is the 3rd largest city in the Western part of Romania, and the 12th largest city overall. It boasts a population of 160k. The ethnic makeup of the city consists of 85% Romanians, 10% Hungarians, 1.71% Romani, 0.84% Germans and 1.22% other nationalities. The top religions in the city are Romanian Orthodox (72.7%), Roman Catholic (12.1%), Baptist (4.5%), and Pentecostal (4.4%). The climate of Arad is continental, it has warm to hot summers, and cool, damp winters.


Attractions in Arad


Architectural Monuments


The Fortified Town of Arad

An 18th century fortification system built in Arad.

The Administrative Palace of Arad

The Town Hall of the City.

The Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre

18th century classical theatre.

Neumann Palace

Neuman Family Palace

Cenad Palace

The Cenad Palace

Bohuș Palace

The Bohuș Palace

Szántay Palace

The Szanty Palace

The Cultural Palace

The Palace of Culture