Chișineu-Criș is is a town in the north-western Arad County of the north-western Romanian Region of Crişana. It is about 21 miles away from the county’s capital city, Arad. The ethnic makeup of the city consists of 73% Romanians, 19% Hungarians, and 6% Romani.

Attractions in Chișineu-Criș


Architectural Monuments



Cenad Palace in Arad – Palatul Cenad

The Cenad Palace in Arad
The Cenad Palace in Arad

Cenad Palace – Visitor Information


The Cenad Palace is located in the city of Arad’s city center at the address: Bulevardul Revoluției 78. It sits at the intersection of Bulevardul Revoluției (Revolution Boulevard) and Strada Romul Veliciu (Romul Veliciu Street).

The palace is located in front of the Mihai Eminescu park, and adjacent to Arad’s City Hall Building (Primăria Arad) also known as The Administrative Palace of Arad.

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