Cenad Palace

Cenad Palace

Cenad Palace Info

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Cenad Palace
Palatul Cenad
73 Revolution Boulevard, Arad, RomaniaHistorical Monument
Open to External Viewing Only

The Cenad Palace (Palatul Cenad in Romanian) is a three-story, 19th century, eclectic, neo-classical, architectural style palace located on Revolution Boulevard in the city of Arad, Romania. The chief architect of the building was Miklós Ybl who developed the plans for the building in his workshop in Budapest, Hungary. The original blueprints of the building were later modified and finalized by the architect and native of Arad, Lajos Jiraszek. The building was a two year project and was developed from 1892-1894. Funding and commission for the Palace came from the, Count Želenski Robert led, Arad-Cenad Railway Company. After its completion the Railway Company used the building as its headquarters. Continue reading “Cenad Palace”

Neumann Palace

Neumann Palace outside

Neumann Palace Info

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Neumann Palace
Palatul Neumann
Avenue Revolution no. 78, Arad, RomaniaHistorical Monument
Open Daily
Hours Vary per Establishment

The Neumann Palace (Palatul Neumann in Romanian) is a two-story, 19th century, eclectic architectural style palace located at the intersection of Revolution Blvd. and Horia Street in the city of Arad, Romania. It was designed by architect Milan Tabacovits and took a year of construction, 1891-1892, to be completed. The palace was funded by and built for the aristocratic Neumann family who earned great fortunes from the spirits factories they erected and ran in Arad in the 1850s. The palace Façade has the marvelous Neumann family heraldry embedded into it. Continue reading “Neumann Palace”

The Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre

The Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre

Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre Info

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Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre
Teatrul Clasic Ioan Slavici
Historical Monument
Bd. Revolutiei, nr. 103, Arad, RomaniaMon: Closed
Tue: 7:00 – 9:00pm
Wed: Closed
Thr-Sun: 7:00 – 9:00pm

The Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre is a three story, nineteenth century neoclassical style architectural constructive marvel located in the city of Arad, Romania. In 1868 Arad Mayor Atzel Peter, along with Baron Banhidy Bela and other city officials agreed to erect two new buildings, the Administrative Palace, and the Ioan Slavici, to serve as the town’s city hall, and town’s theatre, respectively. Continue reading “The Ioan Slavici Classical Theatre”