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Palace of Culture
Palatul Culturii
Piaţa Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt nr. 1, Iasi, RomaniaHistorical Monument
Phone: +40 232 275 979


The Palace of Culture (Palatul Culturii) is an early 20th century flamboyant neo-Gothic, iconic palace, located in the city of Iaşi, Romania. The building is listed as a historical monument and currently serves as the home of four separate museums which collectively are known as the Moldova National Museum Complex. The palace is built on the old ruins of the 15th century mediaeval Royal Court of Moldavia. Prior to the current standing palace, two previous palaces were once erected in its very spot. The first palace was a neoclassical style building commissioned by Prince Alexander Mourousis which lasted from 1806 – 1812 when it succumbed to being ravaged and nearly totally destroyed by a fire.  In 1843 the remains of that first building were used to reconstruct the edifice into a Royal Palace for Prince Mihail Sturdza. Continue reading “Palace of Culture”