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Cenad Palace
Palatul Cenad
73 Revolution Boulevard, Arad, RomaniaHistorical Monument
Open to External Viewing Only

The Cenad Palace (Palatul Cenad in Romanian) is a three-story, 19th century, eclectic, neo-classical, architectural style palace located on Revolution Boulevard in the city of Arad, Romania. The chief architect of the building was Miklós Ybl who developed the plans for the building in his workshop in Budapest, Hungary. The original blueprints of the building were later modified and finalized by the architect and native of Arad, Lajos Jiraszek. The building was a two year project and was developed from 1892-1894. Funding and commission for the Palace came from the, Count Želenski Robert led, Arad-Cenad Railway Company. After its completion the Railway Company used the building as its headquarters.

Cenad Palace Front Top

The palace has an imposing presence in the Arad center, it is surrounded by many other eclectic and neo-classical style buildings which were Arad’s predominate architectural styles in the late 19th century era. The building’s façade is extravagantly decorated with stylistic elements of the Italian Renaissance and also contains the Arad-Cenad Railway’s symbol. The building contains two spectacular towers on the front left and right corners, and four entrance gates as well. Carved on different parts of the palace are decorative elements that showcase the buildings purpose of being a structural marvel and Railway company command center.

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On the frontispiece of the Palace there is a glorious representation of Mercury, the god of commerce, which highlights the building’s function of helping drive and strengthen Arad’s economy. Throughout the building and under the building’s gateways there still remain alluring murals that depict religious and allegorical portrayals. One of the murals inside the palace illustrates a scene of St. George next to a slain dragon that lays dead on a railway line. When you step into the courtyard you can see two dazzling gas chandeliers that have been preserved for many decades.

No longer the center of operations for the Railroad Company, the Cenad Palace presently serves as a multi-purpose building. It contains elegant offices that are used by City Hall’s officials to manage daily functions for the city. The palace also has an exquisite wedding hall where many weddings are hosted and take place throughout the year. On Wednesdays the wedding hall also serves as a meeting headquarters for local students who gather to coordinate and discuss strategies for the counties various student bodies.

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