Commune Cacica

General Information about Commune Cacica

The Cacica Commune is a Commune located in the County of Suceava, Bucovina Region, of the North-Eastern part of Romania. The Commune contains 5 different Villages. Its Capital (satul de reședință) is the village of Pârteștii de Sus. According to the latest Census data from 2011, the Commune has a population of 3,672 and is comprised of 74% Romanians, 20% Poles, and 4% Ukrainians.

The Cacica Commune is mainly known for three things. First, is the salt mine of Cacica. Second, is the big percentage of Polish inhabitants in the area. And third, because of the beautiful and historic churches that surround the land.

The name Cacica, is a Slavic derivation and translates to the word “Duck” (Kaczika) in Polish. The region got its name from the abundance of ducks that once comprised the area back when it contained many marshes and ponds.