Crișana Region of Romania

Crișana is the xx,xxx sq. mile north western region of Romania. It is the region that encompasses over 95% of the border of Romania and Hungary. The population of the Crișana region is roughly 1 million and 6 thousand*1, with 201,547 of those people living in the region’s capital city of Oradea.


The region is named after the Cris River which is a river that is formed of three separate rivers that originate in the Apuseni Mountains of Transylvania and flow west before meeting and merging in Hungary. Crișana is bounded by the Apuseni Mountains to its east, the Someș River to the North, the Mureș River to the south, and the Tisza River to its West. The two predominant counties in this region are the counties of Arad and Bihor.

*1 – I couldn’t find a definitive source for the population of Crișana as a whole, so I added the total population of the 2 main counties (Arad, Bihor) that embody over 95% of the region. The number I got is very close to accurate but not an exact number since a small (relative) part of southern Arad spills into the Banat region, and very small parts of Sălaj, Satu Mare, Maramureș, and Hunedoara counties spill into Crișana.